Protect your Car with Regular Washings!

Rain or shine . . . frequent professional washing is your best defences against costly acid rain and UV ray damage. And to further protect your investment, clear coat treatments and professional waxing will ensure your vehicle’s shine and value. and don’t think it’s just the car wash company telling you to wash your car frequently.

In most owner’s manuals, car manufacturers emphasize the importance of keeping your vehicle clean and waxed. This is the basis of Cypress Station Car Wash creating the VIP membership. Not only do we encourage our customers to maintain their vehicles on the recommended basis, we also want to provide savings that will help them do so.

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    What Will Your VIP Membership Give You?

    72 HR Rain Check Guarantee (48 hours for non-members)
    10% Discount on Details
    Not Valid with any other offer
    8th Lube FREE!
    FREE Car Wash on Birthday!

    10th Wash FREE
    Discounts & Mailers Available exclusively to VIP Customers
    Only one automobile per card
    Good for the Lifetime of your registered vehicle!